Taatas Celebrates a Year of Success in France and Expands Its Reach across Europe

Taatas Celebrates a Year of Success in France and Expands Its Reach across Europe

Taatas , a leading name in the world of organic beverages, is delighted to commemorate its first anniversary in France, marking a year of remarkable achievements and setting new industry standards. Taatas Global’s unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a prominent player in the French market.

Since its debut in France a year ago, Taatas Global has consistently delivered outstanding products and services to its discerning French customers. The company takes immense pride in its accomplishments, a testament to its commitment to serve the French clientele with unparalleled quality and pride.

A standout achievement for Taatas Global is its pioneering role as the first and only company to export 100% pure organic Palmyrah toddy in bottled and canned forms from Sri Lanka to France. This unique offering has not only tantalized the palates but also provided a myriad of health benefits. Organic toddy, also known as toddy wine, is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients, making it a healthier choice for consumers.

Taatas Global’s flagship products, including Tiyoi, Riyancy, and JacMiller, have emerged as industry benchmarks for quality and innovation. These products have garnered resounding acclaim and unwavering loyalty from the discerning customers in France and beyond.

As Taatas Global continues to expand, it is thrilled to announce its future plans to serve clients worldwide. France will serve as the strategic hub for Taatas Global’s European operations, allowing the company to extend its reach to neighboring countries such as Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. This expansion into three major European countries underscores Taatas Global’s commitment to becoming a global leader in the organic beverage industry.

Taatas Global proudly produces fresh palmyrah toddy in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and organic abundance of the region. The company is dedicated to preserving this tradition while sharing its health benefits and natural vitamins with the world.

Taatas Global is poised for an exciting future filled with opportunities, partnerships, and a continued focus on delivering excellence to its valued customers. The company looks forward to serving many more clients worldwide while maintaining its reputation for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

For inquiries, contact: Mr. Victor TSB Founder & CEO Taatas Global +94 777 157 070

About Taatas Global: Taatas Global is a leading exporter of Sri Lankan organic beverages, specializing in palmyrah toddy, palmyrah fruit wine & palm arrack.  With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Taatas Global has rapidly gained recognition in the global beverage industry. The company’s flagship products, including Tiyoi, Riyancy, and JacMiller, have set new standards for excellence and have garnered a loyal customer base worldwide. Taatas Global is proud to promote fresh palmyrah toddy made in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, showcasing the region’s organic treasures.