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Boiled Tuber / ஓடியல் – Bottle

Boiled Tuber / ஓடியல் – Package

Boiled Tuber Flour / ஓடியல் மா – 1kg

Boiled Tuber Flour / ஓடியல் மா – 300g

Boiled Tuber Flour / ஓடியல் மா – 500g

Boiled Tuber Flour / ஓடியல் மா – 750g

Palm Sugar / பனஞ்சீனி – 400g

Palmyrah Jaggery / பனங்கட்டி – 200g

Palmyrah Jaggery / பனங்கட்டி – 225g

Panaddu / பனாட்டு – 1000g

Panaddu / பனாட்டு – 250g

Panaddu / பனாட்டு – 500g

Panaddu / பனாட்டு – 750g

Panaddu / பனாட்டு – 750g

The skyline of the whole Northern Province is spotted with palmyra trees and Jaffna has a special name for its Palmyra products. TAATAS Pvt Ltd from Jaffna manufacture, market, distribute and export Palmyra products all over the world. TAATAS Palmyra products includes Palmyra Jaggery, Boiled Tuber, Boiled Tuber Flour, Palm Sugar and Panaddu.

The ripened fruit of the palmyra tree is used to prepare Panaddu that comes across as a sweeter form of dried apricot which is high in vitamin A and E. The sap from the palmyra tree is utilized to create sugar-free Palmyra Jaggery and organic sweetener Palm Sugar which are ideal for diabetes people.

Boiled Tuber and Boiled Tuber Flour are created by boiling and sun-drying the roots of the Palmyra tree which are high in calcium. The Boiled Tuber Flour is grounded boiled tuber which is also the base ingredient for boiled tuber porridge – a famous Jaffna delicacy.