VICTOR TIGATI’S Successfull Leadership & Business Solution from 2 Decades


The Leading Export Company in Jaffna - Srilanka

We export best quality products cultivated in northern part of Sri Lanka with innovative product design and efficient packing solutions from TAATAS’s highly skilled and diligent team of professionals.


” leader position among the 100% natural organic liquor and organic non alchocholic beverages industries all over the globe” Endlessly researching and giving the bestest organic alchocholic and non alchocholic beverages to the consumers.

Focusing on International market, reaching out all the highest alcohol consuming countries with our extraordinary sales and marketing worldwide channels. Introducing new natural organic fruity alcohol beverages worldwide.

1.Quality in our product’s and excellence in our process
2.Constant innovative sprit
3.Global vision
4.Commitment to diversity and acceptance of differences
5. High performance is what we strive for permanently

Message From Our Managing Director & Share Holder

From JAVA Programming Lecturer to Entrepreneur. Passionate about creating delicious and healthy beverages. My career journey has been an incredible ride of learning and exploration - from biology to IT and now delving into the world of business administration. Let's make a toast to life!

A believer in research and development, having studied biology and obtained a BSC (Hons)IT in Malaysia and MBA from Aldersgate University. A Hubby - Made entrepreneur, ready to take on the world!

As a women entrepreneur, my full scope is to uplift our region and nations' economy.

Our Directors

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Mohan Amarasekara

Director International Operations

Gaya Gunatilake J.P

Director International Operations

Team's Love

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Motivational speaker and successful business leader, ignites passion and innovation in individuals and organizations. As CEO of Taatas and Tigati Motors, he showcases exceptional entrepreneurial acumen, leading both companies to new heights.

Victor TIGATI Founder - CEO

A dynamic professional, transitioned from IT to business administration, now excelling as the Managing Director of TAATAS. Her journey showcases adaptability and a passion for excellence. she's making waves in the world of healthy beverages.

Sutharisini N Director

left an indelible mark on Sri Lanka's corporate landscape. As former General Manager of COOP Society Sri Lanka, Now, proudly serving as General Manager at Taatas, his commitment to excellence continues to inspire, proving that with determination.

Nihaal General Manager

Contribute my expertise to new and exciting IT challenges and to collaborate with like-minded professionals who share my passion for technology. If you're looking for someone who can bring technical excellence, adaptability, and a strong dedication to IT

Jebashanth Manager

passionate about the dynamic world of digital marketing and content writing. I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from startups to established brands, I've helping businesses and organizations succeed in the digital landscape.

Cliff Mahesh Digital Marketing

I've honed and gained extensive experience in managing production teams, optimizing processes, and ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency. My journey in production leadership began TAATAS FMCG , and I've been passionate about it ever since.

Kowsi P Team Leader

Palm Arrack & Wine Industry

Food & Beverages Industry

Shipping & Road Transportation

Tobacco & Cigars Exports

Eco, Recycle & Mass Media

We are the best

​​TAATAS has been giving the best export performance to the global traders from the beginning.

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